The Stevenson Experience

The Stevenson Experience brings you double the laughs, double the hilarity, and double the entertainment. The outrageously  popular  musical  comedy  stage-show  is  the  signature  act  of  Benjamin  and  James  Stevenson,  the identical twins who have emerged as Australia’s funniest comedy duo. The show has been a sell out during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for four straight years and has consistently reached the grand finale of every major comedy competition in Australia.

The  devilish  duo  bewitches  thousands  of  people  into  hysterical  laughter  at  over  100  shows  each  year.  Their identical  appearance  adds  a  new  dimension  to  their act,  making  The  Stevenson  Experience  truly  unique. The Experience is  a musical comedy  act  that  often contains  undisguised  references  to  sex  and  is  not  for  the faint-hearted. Their slick timing, excellent stage-chemistry, stupid songs, and hilarious arguments keep the audience in stitches  right  through  the  end.  Their  presence  on  the  stage is  the  warning  that  you  are  about  to  double  up  in stomach-aching laughter. Click here to get in touch with the twins and learn about their availability and rates.


People go to a comedy show to laugh all they can, and laughs are what the Stevenson twins deliver. It doesn’t matter to them if they sound a little bit sleazy at times, although they are clever enough to know when they are crossing the line. They are a delight to watch because of their bubbling energy and propensity to press the limits. Immaculately  timed  fast-paced  dialogue  intersperses  their  rib-tickling  music.  Their  brand  of  comedy  could  be flagged under cringe, blue and even insult, as they occasionally pick on their audience to trigger ballistic laughter. People like to laugh at other people, and the Stevenson brothers know that.

Don’t  get  us wrong.  This  here  is  a  professional pair  of  identical  performers  that  has  introduced  a  new  type  of comedy  to  the  Aussie  comic  circles.  Their  humor  revolves  around  the  situations  that  arise  out  of  being  twins. However,  they  also  have  acts  on  other  topics  and  can  make  any  serious  question  or  situation  hilarious.  For instance,  they  have  put  together  a  show  about  deciding  whether  to  quit  regular  jobs  to  become  professional comedians. No other comedians mix music and fun in such explosive proportion as the ‘who dares twins’. Their performance is really an Experience worth having.


Benjamin  and  James  Stevenson  began  their  comedy  career  when  they  were  in  high  school.  They  made  an impressive entry into the Melbourne comedy scene by winning the state finals of the Class Clowns competition of theMelbourne  International  Comedy  Festival.  This  made  them  an  instant  hit  and  they  started  performing  to packed venues, something that has turned into a hallmark of their shows.

Their first solo act Mission Twinpossible was a huge hit at the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. That triggered off a streak of packed shows that include How I Met Your Brother, Womb Mates, and Who Dares Twins. They  regularly  participate  in  MICF,  Adelaide  Fringe  and  Canberra  Comedy  Festival  and  make  packed  venues explode with gags.