Toby Coleman

Toby is more than original!  He has been working as a comic since 2009, and doing quite well.  Like comedians before him and other comics performing in his area, his goal is to amuse, delight, entertain and put at ease to the best of his ability.  Toby does all of the above and more, but most importantly, he makes you laugh! Toby has gone from working in inner city hotels, nightclubs, comedy rooms and at festivals to performing at major events, corporate events and private affairs!

In 2010, Toby’s show The Worlds Funniest Island was nominated to be in the top 10 best comedy shows, which is a grand feat given the competition in comedy acts today! Toby is one of those who is genuine and shares new, daily laughs with those who are ready to enjoy themselves and be happy!  This comedian believes sharing real life circumstances and situations is what bring real comedy to life.

It’s a fact that most stupid things that happen in life can be laughed about, and Toby is a comedian who does this.  He uses his own antics and crazy life circumstances to engage the audience and get rapport flowing—it works!  These characteristics make him feel more life like, more like a normal, everyday person who is just trying to have a great time!  People want that and definitely need it to get over everyday monotony.

Now that he is in his thirties and has a family of his own he finds the funniest things come from his own life, which breaths new life into his comic stints! When you want that originality and you want to get those authentic guffaws of laughter in, this is the guy to call on!