Tom Ballard

Tom Ballard is known for his electrifying charm and his natural knack for funniness.  His career actually started when he was still just a student in high school, finding his calling fairly young!  He began performing stand up comedy at one of the more popular comedy festivals: The Melbourne International Comedy Festival debuting his first show: Class Clowns Competition, however he’s also been a national finalist in other venues such as with the 2006 Raw Comedy Competition.  Tom is actually one of the youngest comedians to receive the elite Melbourne Best Newcomer Award—something to really feel proud of!

In 2009 Tom was approached by Triple J and began running his solo show on air.   He co-hosted The Tom And Alex Show, a rather witty and highly popular morning show on Triple J.  This gained so much recognition and such a strong fan base it was moved to run on weekdays.  Since this and other achievements he has also been performing live across Australia.  Some of these include: The Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, The Edinburgh Festival—and a number of other comedian festivals across Australia.

Tom has also premiered on major TV networks and always is seriously hilarious! He’s been with ABC TV’s broadcast of 2011’s Raw Comedy as well as on Network 10’s The Project.  Tom has also appeared on Good News Week and Spicks N Specks.  Obviously his young age has led him into many great opportunities that have done nothing but help him grow and develop his comedic style personality very well.

You’ll find Tom to have a natural poise and incredible on stage character allowing him to gain a stronger fan base and just gain popularity over all.  The Age states he has a long career to look forward to, and you certainly can’t help but to concur!