Tommy Dassalo

Exciting, young, fresh, authentic and original—these are just some of the adjectives that describe 16-year-old Tommy Dassalo.  He is young, but old enough to make you laugh until you cry; and not even legally allowed to be in most of the venues he has actually already been performing within!  Critics say he is a talent to watch out for, simply because he is such a natural.

Yes, Tommy Dassalo is collectively garnering those most perfect reviews from fans and critics, all across Australia!  Not only can he perform comedy, he can write it as well—actually writing his own scripts solo!  His young years haven’t prevented him from matching up with well-experienced comedians with sell out shows either as he has had many at the Comedy Festival shows.

Tommy has written for some of the top 10-rated television stations as well, one of these being channel 10!  He’s been a cast member on Channel 31’s Studio A with Dave Thorton, which actually won program of the year in 2009.  Tommy has appeared twice on the Comedy Channel for Stand Up Australia too, which shows he is well into the comedy scene, regardless of his age!  If this isn’t enough to tickle you, ABC has also had him appear on The Librarians and also on Sleuth 101.

Tommy isn’t only on stage though, he wants far more than this, which illustrates his ambition and hopes to grow in the market!  Tommy actually hosts a weekly podcast titled: The Little Dum Dum Club—which is quite entertaining along side Karl Chandler!  With every week that passes there is a new guest comedian to air on the show, a show that regularly is placed in the top 10 on iTunes and carries an array of followers too.The Age claims him to be expertly funny and with significant intellect!  This is the young comic to turn to when you want something new today.