Tommy Little

Not only has Tommy been an all-star comedian, but he has dabbled in radio as well, having regular appearances with Nova’s Launchpad and actually engaging in stand-up comedian performances on the Hughesy as well as Kate’s Melbourne Nova Breakfast Show, and back in 2011 he was seen as an up and rising favorite for Channel Ten’s 7 PM Project.  Critics claimed he was going to have a bright and exciting career then, and today, he most certainly does.  Tommy’s true passion lies in stand up comedy though, and this is where you can most readily find him.

At his age of a young 25, Tommy is more than gifted—he is one of those natural born comedians, brimming with charm, enthusiasm and confidence.  His following has grown to an amazing number, and his ability to create sell out shows is unbelievable as well, having done so at the 2010 Melbourne Comedy Festival with the performance titled: Brainthoughts.  As far back as 2009, Tommy has had the knack for sweeping the crowd into engagement, selling every seat available.  Back in 2011, crowds absolutely adored his Tommy Little Has No Answers.  

With regard to Aussie comedy, you’ll find Tommy to be a regular, earning multiple new followers as he performs.  His style is a mesh of traditional comedy with some cynicism and even a slight taste of satire!  He is certainly original and keeps his audience guessing on what type of funny he’ll throw at them next!  Now, some of his style has been earned from his work as an MC with corporate events too, Sony Optus being one of these.

From television, to radio to his passion for stand up comedy and live performing, Tommy is someone you should rush to go see according to Krzyszt of Magazine!  Most definitely he has had numerous appearances on television but you’ll have more of an opportunity of seeing him and getting that rush of fun with his live performances! Adelaide Advertiser says “you can’t help but smile.”