Tony Laffan

When you want an award-winning stand up comedian, Tonny Laffan delivers!  He has performed all over the world and has actually been named one of the most favored and creative names among comedian shows on World cruise ships, casinos, night clubs, comedian festivals and among big name celebrities too!  Tony has been working on the comedian scene with National cruise liners for well over 20 years now and has made an amazing name for himself.

Tony offers a wide range of comic style, which gives him some creative edge—but he also focuses on trying to appease his fans and giving them what they want too!  His skills provide versatility, allowing him to work in a modern style or more contemporary—whatever the audience at that time prefers is what Tony offers!  In this respect, it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, Tony Laffan can deliver with an unforgettable punch!

Tony also performs magic with flair, offering an array of illusions that can amaze just about anyone.  He’s built up quite a reputation within this market too, and most guests are more than awed by what he can pull off with his masterful illusions, leading critics to the view he provides award style acts for all types of audiences from a variety of backgrounds.  He offers some of the most valuable qualities within comedy and magic today.   Tony can be your perfect ticket to entertainment, breaking through traditional conventions and offering more than the ordinary!