Trevor Crook

Trevor’s career started off in comedy, somewhat by chance.  He went from working in the Sydney Comedy store in 1991 to being a very funny comedian, gaining recognition fast and acquiring his first real booking in only two months of his first appearance on television.  In that very same year he won The Sydney Comic Of The Year Award, allowing him to gain more recognition and respect from critics, fans and other comic performers.

Trevor has also toured with some of the very best stand up comedians of this day—those such as: Jimeoin, Ben Elton and even David Strassman.  Trevor found his career in television took off extremely fast, and he received invitations on some of the most respected networks.  The top 3 shows he premiered on where: The Midday Show, Tonight Live and Hey Hey It’s Saturday!  You might have even seen Trevor at one of the more popular comedy festivals through the years as well.  It only took one amazing visit to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for Trevor to become hooked on comedy and dedicated to this career.

In 1996 he began to work much more, all throughout England and Europe with a zest and passion just for making people feel good and happy!  He has actually been the very first Australian comic to become so popular performing in the Artic Circle and beyond—even into Scandinavia, China and Hong Kong!  This has provided an enriching educational experience for this comic to actually grow and develop.

Rick Wakeman says: “this is my all time favorite man,” and he isn’t the only fan or critic whooping it up when it comes to seeing Trevor perform and entertain others.  The Edinburgh Evening News doesn’t hesitate to report, “He shines like a diamond,” and most certainly he does.  Now is the time to see Trevor and reward your guests with some amazing entertainment while you can. The London Evening Standard says, “He is once in a lifetime finds!”  You’ll probably think the same!