Trudi Ross

Trudy is a warm presence on stage, filled with personality and lavishing her audiences with totally unscripted hilarious stints!  She has static energy on stage and this passes over to fans and critics alike, though she doesn’t pay much notice to those critics.  Due to her down-to-earth, award-winning personality, she has received many private invitations for performing live comedy.  Trudy is also the weekly host for the ever-popular Comedy Trivia.  She has been blessed with amazing reviews, brilliant in fact.  She appears more relaxed and original when she is entertaining too!

Trudy’s actual career training within comedy all began in the UK, and she quickly learned she had a natural connection with the comic scene.  She loves to make people laugh, so telling realistic stories with crack-up endings is her realistic way of engaging the audience and chuckling it up with them!  She has performed in several fantastic comedy clubs alongside many well-known names across the UK.  Today, Trudy can even be seen internationally—entertaining within the UK and across Australian networks.  She is also the face for many ad campaigns in the region.

Clients of Trudy’s are more than satisfied and happy with her style, with most clearly saying she adds a great deal to their events.  Some clients have said she has you laughing until you cry, which is considered a fantastic element for a comedian!  If you really are interested in someone who can keep the atmosphere light and fun, engage your guests and keep you on your toes, laughing all evening, Trudy definitely is a winner!