Umbilical Brothers

The Umbilical Brothers provides an audience a stand up performance truly award winning.  They’ve been performing stand up comedy since 1991, delighting fans from all around the world with their ability to transform theatrical rules and normal situations in ways that create a display of triumph for the world of comedy.  They’ve gotten amazing praise, again, from all over the world.  Time Out NY called them “Australia’s hottest export since Vegemite’.

Time Magazine calls them “Pure theater and pure fun,” for many a good reason.  Remember, they’ve been from Hawaii to as far as Tokyo, to Stockholm and back to New York!  The audiences throughout the world have roared in laughter at their idiot performances as Shane and Dave; leaving many with aching stomachs at the end of the evening! One of their shows Don’t Explain was ran in Broadway New York as Thwack for a year and received a Drama Desk Award for the most creative and unique theatrical entertainment.

Furthermore, their appeal spans generations as well, and even children can be wowed and amazed by their physical comedy act.  They keep their material at a level that is acceptable for audiences of all ages; with children never catching on to any out of the ordinary line or phrase being more than simple clean fun—though it might be aimed at adults.  The New York Times raves, confirming: “You’re left only to shake your head and marvel.”

From facing off with George Negus  to playing charades with Harry Shearer—they received multi-platinum award winning DVDs.  They’ve performed comedic skits with N’Sync and have performed for the Queen at The Royal Variety Performance and even more amazing, they’ve appeared on Jay Leno with one of the biggest US fans and comedians across the globe:Robin Williams.  Just a few of their many awards are listed below:

Helpmann Award Best Comedy Performance Don’t Explain 2008

ARIA award nomination for Best Comedy Release 2008

Logie award winner for Best Childrens Comedy 2007

Emmy best title design for Upside Down Show 2007

AFI nomination Best Children’s Show 2008

Winner Grand Prix Singapore Comedy Festival 2003

MO award winner for Best Comedy