Umit Bali

While Umit is not a natural born citizen of Australia he has found his place in the comic world, gaining love and enthusiasm from his fans all across the country.  Most see him as exhilarating, taking stand up comedy to a whole new level of fun and excitement.  Umit revels in his authenticity, using his individuality as a way to charm the audience and get them engaged in his performance.

Umit grew up in the suburbs of Australia, often feeling like an outsider.  He is a Fijian-Indian, but has always been able to fit in with the crowd in humorous way.  He believes it is his humor that has awarded him friendships and reputation along the way, and perhaps he is right!  Comedy has been the key thing to help Umit cope as he has grown and matured—and this has made him into the stand up comedian he is today too.

Umit also believes in supporting his fellow comedians too!  He has been involved in boosting International comedians such as: Lee Camp, Tony Woods, Glenn Wool, Jon Dore and several others.  You’ll find that not only is his support for others rewarding, his life experiences are also what gain him such a dedicated following.  His experience he offers to audiences is unequal to any other comedians.  In fact, you’ll be totally taken back by his silliness and his ability to bring a little bit of an edge into his performances!

Wil Anderson recommends you grab a seat with this guy and see his performance while it is still affordable to do so, as he is growing in popularity all the time!