Vince Sorrenti

It’s hard to think of comedy without thinking of Vince Sorrenti! There is no stand-up comedian more in demand for award  ceremonies,  public  events,  product  launches, and  corporate  events  than  Vince.  His  lucid  tongue  is  the perfect delivery system for his sharp wit and audacious mind. He brings the audiences to explosive laughs at over 200 shows in Australia and around the world each year. If you have him coming to your event, be ready for tons of uncontrollable gags. Contact us to learn about his upcoming gigs and availability for your event.

Hire Vince Sorrenti as a corporate comedian for your next corporate event

Vince  has  a  degree  in  architecture  from  Sydney  University  and  was  a  successful  architect  before  he  decided  to rumble the architecture of some of the most prestigious comedy venues in Australia (with laughs). He has been an MTV host and has appeared on several recent TV shows including Australian Celebrity Apprentice, Skating on Thin Ice, and many others. Smart, stylish, and extremely funny, this standup comedian is the five-time recipient of the MO Award, an award presented to acknowledge excellence in live performance.


His dauntless smile can change its hues from seriously confident to ridiculously goofy within split-seconds. Warm, upbeat and unabashed, he never seems to have enough when it comes to having his audience in stitches. He has this outstanding ability to involve the crowds in his act and have them laughing, singing, and having a lot of fun. He electrifies the stage with his energy and transfixes his audience with his animated narrative. The spell only breaks when a punch line hits home and has everyone in gags.

Observation  and  slapstick  are  his  favorite  acts,  but  he’s  much  larger  than  to  be  constrained  by  genres.  He’s  an extensively experienced comedian who knows exactly the right places to tickle and incite laughter. He never goes for a cheap gag, though, and is perfect for all occasions. Most other comedians can only envy the grip that Vince has  over his  audience.  Critics call  him a master  at  controlling  large  audiences.  To  cut  it  short,  he’s  a  compulsive performer who seems to get his kicks from making people go mad (with laughter).


Ah!  Where  do  we  begin?  Sorrenti’s  career-path  is  studded  with  stellar  achievements  in  stand-up,  TV  and  other media.  He  has  appeared  at  all major  sporting  events  so  consistently  that  they  now  seem  incomplete  unless  he’s there.  These  include  The  Ashes  Series,  NRL  and  AFL Grand  Finals,  and  State  of  Origin  matches,  among  others. Sorrenti is in high demand for fundraisers, corporate events, and parties of all shapes and sizes.

He  regularly  appears  on  TV  shows  such  as The Great Aussie Cook Off, Sunrise  and Wide Open Road.  He  is  the winner  of  a  Gold medal  at  the  New  York  Film  Festival  for his  documentary  No  Laughing  Matter, in  which he  has also performed. He’s also a brilliant writer and writes regularly for numerous prestigious publications including The Daily  Telegraph,  Sydney  Morning  Herald,  The  Bulletin,  and  many  others.  Did  we  tell  you  that  he  has  won  the coveted MO Award five times?


Vince Sorrenti is  one  of  Australia’s  best  known  and  leading  comic  entertainers.  No  comic is more in demand, from after dinner speaking to product launches, sports awards, ceremonies and any manner of corporate fundraising, sporting or public event.

Vince performs at over 200 events a year in Australia and overseas. After graduating as an Architect in 1985, he threw full weight behind his real talent and has performed to ecstatic crowds on thousands of stages all over the world. He has hosted TV programs in Australia and the United States, appeared in movies, released comedy albums, performed in festivals, and been a guest on countless talk and variety programs. He has  won the Mo Award as Australia.s best comic 3 times already!!!!

Vince is also a writer. He has won a Gold medal at the New York Film Festival for his documentary No Laughing Matter in which he also starred (playing all 7 characters!).

He has also written hundreds of feature articles for publications including The Bulletin, Sydney Morning Herald, The Weekend, Australian Vacation, The Daily Telegraph and many others.

Sorrenti has demonstrated versatility over the years being everything from a sports commentator to a debating captain on a long list of television programs for every network in the country. An ability to adapt to any audience has been the key to his popularity on live stages.

He is a near permanent fixture at every major sporting event in Australia from Bledisloe Rugby to Ashes tests. He is in high demand on the stages of charity benefit events, political fundraisers, corporate award and  launch  events,  and  parties  of  all  description  both  as  a  host  and  performer.  He  has  entertained everyone  from  Prime  Ministers  to  PNG  Highlanders,  Hollywood  Celebrities  to  Trade  Unionists,  and Cardinals to Wall Street Bankers.


“Could you pass on our thanks to Vince. He nailed it; just the right balance. I’m very appreciative.” –  David


Vince was fantastic! He had all the guests in stitches laughing and was a perfect match for our event.


I  really  appreciate  Mark’s  efforts  to  secure  our  preferred  comedian.  He  was extremely professional and made the booking process smooth and easy. “

Kind regards,



“Just a quick thank you note for the co-ordination of Vince Sorrenti for my daughter’s wedding last Saturday. He was a big hit, and of cause hilarious, he had everyone in stitches, and oh what a true gentleman he was. If you could pass on our sincere thanks to him that would be greatly appreciated.”

Kind regards,

Janine Sugars.

“Vince was as always the professional. He touched everyone somehow! We all laughed and enjoyed his performance Great job and happy to see him again and again and again…”

Regards Leisa

master builders

“Vince was awesome, very very funny man and such an easy going guy to work with.  It  was  an  absolute  pleasure  having  him  MC  &  Entertain  at  our  awards  and  I  look  forward  to utilising him again in the future. Thanks you and the Team down there for all your help”

Cheers  Leigh

It  was  an  excellent  performance  from  Vince.  Judging  by  customers  reception  everyone  had  a  good laugh.- 

Fiona Bacon, Fuji Xerox.


”Can you please personally thank Vince for stealing the show he was amazing last night. I have worked here for almost 8 years and have dealt with a lot of entertainers and he was so professional and friendly to deal with. Vince arrived early to work out the room which was hard as a lot of older people and he worked out the crowd quickly and won them over. He listened to all of the harness racing info of the favourite horses for the race and brought that into his act and I was so impressed at how quickly he did that.  We  have  had  such  great  feedback  from  the  night  and  that  is  due  to  Vince’s  performance.”- 

Alison Boman, NSW Harness Racing Club.

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