Wayne Dixon

Wayne has the unique ability to engage and entertain anyone, even those who aren’t ordinarily big fans of stand up comedy performances.  He comes with over 10 years of experience and this definitely makes a difference in how well a comic can connect and banter around with his audience members.  In fact, he uses wit and a unique charm to increase his likeability and increase his fan base.  Most will tell you that it is absolutely impossible not to fall in love with this Australian comedian, almost as immediate as when he walks out onto the stage!

The Age says he is curiously likable and The Groggy Squirrel states him to be ambition and a guy who is very well written!  He certainly isn’t ordinary, that’s for certain—others agree with this!  In just 2002, Wayne captured the FHM Joke Off Competition Award by being voted the funniest guy in Australia.  Further, Wayne has consistently performed his main show with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival while also touring across Australia with The Comedy Festival Road Show—so he has great experiences within his career as a comic.

Wayne has a wide array of options available to him when it comes to live stage performing too—and he is excellent in theater.  In fact, he has been a valuable member of The Crew and formed The Cut And Paste alongside other Australian comedians.  His first appearance on Stand Up Australia placed the show in the Top 10, so this says a lot about his fan base!  Let’s also not forget about the long list of corporate functions he has been involved in, all carried out before he relocated to the Sydney area within Australia.

This guy is just great and he offers versatility too.  He can easily move from corporate to the private event to the more open and airy night pub comedy atmosphere.  If you want valiant and charming, he’s a must