Kitty Flanagan

Kitty Flanagan can be described as the combination of a witch, a Barbie doll, a seductress, and a cruel mistress. When she’s at her worst, Kitty will have you on your knees holding your belly, with tears streaming down your cheeks, pleading for her to stop. Kitty is quite a bit of a globetrotter and regularly surfaces at global comedy hotspots from Japan to Holland and Switzerland, and from London to Germany and Singapore. A childhood outcast and a university dropout, she was also fired from her copy writing job that she thought she had passionately adopted. She doesn’t remember why she was fired and doesn’t care, because the setback proved to be a new start to the career she was cut out for.

Kitty  Flanagan  is  an  accomplished  figure  in  the  Oz comedy  circles  and  is  recognized  for  her  TV  and  stage appearances. Smart, elegant and beautiful, she’s often among the organizers’ top choices for corporate, private and public entertainment events of all shapes and sizes. A cool customer and seasoned performer, she has the audience under her spell all the time. Kitty is among the genre of comics who each standup comedy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so she’ll probably love to perform at your event if she’s available. Contact us to get in touch with Kitty Flanagan.


Cute like a pussycat and vicious like a fox, she brandishes her acerbic wit like a samurai to slice and dice modern life into hilarious chunks of entertainment. Parenting, sex, coffee, Mother’s Day, old age, and news are just some of her favorite. She’s an acute observer and never fails to improvise sidesplitting humor from fresh and diverse topics. A vastly talented actress, she adds just the right amount of theatrics and slapstick to her comedic cocktail to deliver head spinning laughter. A vampire of standup comedy, she’ll leave your audience breathless from laughter when she’s rolling at top speed.

Kitty has the clearest delivery, a quality that makes her an instant hit with audiences from around the world. She’s a smooth operator and speaks with the confidence of a seasoned comedian, never getting boring for even an instant. Her scripts are slick and fresh, and she picks the most hilarious aspects of routine situations with rib-tickling seriousness. Don’t expect her to be decent all the time. Like all good comics, she’s an expert at improvising genuine laughter from taboo topics. Your audience will fall in love with her and will remember her forever.


Kitty Flanagan was already known for her role in the sketch TV show Full Frontal before she embarked on a global festival spree to Montreal, Aspen, and Edinburgh. She has left her trail of sold out shows and has cracked up audiences through Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, and South Africa. She has consistently performed at nearly all major national comedy festivals and has appeared alongside several celebrity comedians. Her show Hello  Kitty  Flanagan received the Best Comedy award at the 2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival and was nominated for BARRY awards.