Katie Burch

Katie Burch is a comedian, mum and wife.  Her style is uncompromising and edged with a level of wickedness that is a sheer delight among her fans.  She is that one-of-a-kind stand up comedian who leaves you wanting just a little bit more each and every time you watch her entertain.  Her genuine love for comedy shines and clearly sets her apart from other comedians.  This is also what placed her as the National Runner Up in JJJ RAW 2014! As her career continues to grow, we look forward to seeing her name in lights, at venues across the country!

There is no doubt at all; when an audience desires an authentic, original comedic act, Katie delivers.  She thrills her audience with her self-deprecating, hilarious jokes aimed at her own life – ie. mishaps with her husband and kids.  She offers realistic, domestic anecdotes that deliver comedy every time.  Katie also offers that unique comic tone that has critics totally engrossed in her performance each and every time.  Many critics do consider her range to be unmatched across Australia.

Katie can also put an edge on dirty material but she keeps it playful, not filthy as some comedians do.  Chortle finds her hugely appealing and a dynamite hit whileThe Sydney Morning finds her talent to be unmatched and her punch line pauses to be absolutely perfectly timed!  The Herald Sun finds her to be a favorite 30 something mum with award winning comedic talent!  She is indeed a comedic award-winning entertainer!

National Runner up in JJJ RAW 2014 –  Katie Burch is set to be one of Australia’s most popular comedians. Her unique comic voice has been delighting critics across the country.

What They Say:

“Tough, uncompromising…hugely appealing. She was a hit with the room, and the judges”

– Chortle, UK. April 2014 (http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/comedy-festival/raw-comedy-national-grand-final/story-fni0fdju-1226884347400)

“Katie Burch’s comedic range was unmatched…. timed her pre-punchline pauses to perfection.”

The Sydney Morning Herald April 2014 (http://www.chortle.co.uk/gigreview/2014/04/14/20002/raw_comedy_national_grand_final_2014)

“…my favourite was 30- something mum and runner-up Katie Burch with her sandpaper-rough wit. I will never look at Tim Tams the same way.”

The Herald Sun April 2014. (http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/comedy/review-raw-comedy-upandcomers-inventive-and-entertaining-20140414-36mlw.html#ixzz2ywPKjj23)

“We loved her; I have never seen my friends and family laugh so much! She gauged the audience well and the whole room stopped to listen.Thanks so much and I have recommended her to others already!” 

– Kirsty, 50th Birthday, Royal Hotel Paddington