Mick Molloy

Meet the magician who has held Australia under a fit of laughter for more than twenty-five years. Mick Molloy is a truly talented comedian who has consistently proven his prowess in TV, radio and film. His razor-edged wit and acid tongue go hand in hand with his genius mind and extraordinary creativity. You can see him in his true essence on stage, where he unleashed his personal brand of Aussie humor to have even the most serious crowd in stitches.

Molloy  has  been  a  performer  all  along.  Growing  up  in  the  Australian  Capital  Territory,  he  chose  to  study performing arts at the University of Melbourne. It was there that he wrote and staged his first comedy act. Molloy rose to fame after he appeared in the Seven Network’s D-Gen, and then in ABC’s The Late Show. Over two decades and hundreds of TV appearances later, Molloy is a busy artist who picks and chooses his gigs. Contact us to find out about his availability for your upcoming event or production.


Armed with a spicy sense of humor and a goofy smile, Molloy amuses the audience every time he gets on stage. He is a crafty manipulator and can switch from one genre to another with masterly ease. He derives humor mainly from a chat or a dialog between two people, and is not a standup artist as such. Although he can often be caught up in production schedules and may not have time for stage events, having his name on your event list guarantees a  full  house.  His  favorite  genres  include  observation,  improvisation,  and  sometimes  cringe,  black,  blue,  and slapstick as well.

The real punch of this outstanding comedian lies in his script and direction. He can write, direct and produce a TV show or a live performance and also star in it, delivering excellence in every role. Like all great comedy artists tend to do, Molloy also ran into trouble when his hugely popular Mick Molloy Show was taken off the air after only eight runs. Some viewers were shocked to see an apparently drunk Molloy urinating on the set with his back to the camera. It was an unconventional experiment that showed how far Molloy could press the envelop. Regardless of the sensitivities involved, the program was hugely entertaining.


Molloy’s résumé is the envy of any comedy artist. More than two-and-a-half decades of TV and radio performances and  live  shows  make  him  the  household  laughter  man of  Australia.  His  career  path  is  studded  with  stellar performances in TV shows—The Jester, Before The Game, The Nation, Any Given Day, and Saturday Night Football are  some  of  his  most  recent  TV  programs.  He  has  starred  in  six  movies,  of  which  he  has  also  written  and produced/directed four. He has been on radio since 1990 and was recently hosting two radio programs for Triple M.  His  most  memorable  works  includes  the  controversial  yet  side-splitting Mick  Molloy  Show,  the  box-office smasher Cracker Jack, and The Late Show.

trademark Aussie humour.

Mick  Molloy  is  one  of  Australia’s  most  recognised  comedians.  An  actor,  writer  and  producer  Mick combines the scruffy appeal of a laid back larrikin and the acid tongue of the world’s toughest critic. This combination  has  proved  successful  both  in  terms  of  Mick’s  significant  box  office  appeal  as  a writer/performer and in relation to the accolades he has received within the industry.

“Professional hilarious fun energetic and we always get much more than we bargained for – he over delivers in every sense of the word. I have nothing but great things to say about Mick.”

-Kelly Addis, CEO BoilerRoom Group

Mick is known on Australian television for his success as amember of The D-Generation and writer and performer for The Late Show on ABCTV; in which he directed many of his own segments.He has made special  guest  appearances  in  Kath  and  Kim,  a  regular guest  panelist  on  The  Panel  and  he  wrote, produced and presented his own television show on the Nine network entitled The Mick Molloy Show. He has a formidable list of television appearances!

“Mick was fabulous! I never imagined Lawn Bowls could be so entertaining! As our roving MC he was brilliant and exceeded our expectations. Hilariously funny and made the event a huge success.”

– Kirsten Neilson, Savi World Transport Pty Ltd

Mick  is  also  one  of  Australia’s  most  accomplished  radio  performers.  His  program ToughLove was broadcast  to  a  national  audience  via  the  Austereo  network.  Prior  to  this  Mick  hosted  the  national phenomenon that was the radio program Martin/Molloy. It aired on 54 stations throughout Australia and is still  one  of  the  most  successful  programs  ever  to  be  broadcast  in  Australia;  it  revolutionised  the importance of the drive time slot in Australian radio.

Currently Mick is co-hosting Network 10’s successful AFL show Before The Game with Eddie McGuire on Melbourne’s  Triple  M  Breakfast  Show The Hot Breakfast and  regularly  tours  his  stand  up  with  Glenn Robbins and Jeff Stilson.

On  the  big  screen  Mick  has  starred  in Boytown and Crackerjack of  which  He  was  nominated  with  his brother Richard Molloy for Best Original Screenplay at the Australian Film Institute Awards.

In 2009, Mick starred in ”The Jesters”, a critically acclaimed comedy series on Foxtel. He also returned to his roots performing in a sold-out season of stand-up at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and touring nationally.

“Mick Molloy was the MC of our awards night and he was just fabulous. Mick was professional very funny flexible easy to work with and the audience young and old just loved him. He exceeded my expectations”

-Australian Catalogue Association, Catalogue Awards Night Melbourne

“Thankyou for your email. We were very happy with our event at Cannington.

Can you please pass on our thanks to Mick, Myself and Tom were very happy with his performance as was everyone who attended, we appreciate the effort he went to, to mingle with the crowd afterwards.

We would have no hesitation in recommending him or having him back should the opportunity arise. 

Once again please pass on our thanks to Mick.

Kind Regards “

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