Dave Thornton

Dave  Thornton  is  like  the  modern  day  Elvis  Presley,  irresistibly  handsome  and  extremely  talented.  Hailing  from Victoria,  Dave  got  a  degree  in  Art  and  Design  at  the  Gordon  Institute  of  TAFE  before  moving  to  Melbourne.  He started  his  career  as  a  stand-up  comedian  in  2002  from  RAW  comedy.  Since  then  things  started  to  look  up  for Dave;  and  he  soon  established  himself  as  one  of  Australia’s  favorite  comedians.  He  now  performs  to  sell-out crowds at all major venues nationally and internationally. When not on-stage, Dave can be seen playing basketball or simply strolling in the rain.

An  innate  flair  for  comedy  coupled  with  an  acute  sense  of  humor  has  allowed  Dave  to  develop  into  a  startling prodigy.  He  has  received  standing  ovations  throughout  the  world  from  Edinburgh  to  Singapore  and  New  York. Being  a  young  stand-up  artist,  Dave  adds  freshness and  originality  to  the  comedy  scene  in  Australia.  His  work stands  out  from  the  rest  in  terms  of  content,  style,  and  delivery, which is  why  his  shows  are  always  a  breath  of fresh air. Dave has not restricted himself to stand-up only; he is an accomplished TV presenter, actor, radio jockey, voice-over  artist,  and  corporate  comedian.  This  boy-next-door  is  highly  sought-after,  so  contact  us  now  to coordinate regarding his availability before it is too late!


Dave is the typical Australian! He fashions humor by narrating how a regular Aussie takes on the uplifts and hassles of  everyday  life.  Dave  takes  frequent  pot  shots  at famous  socialites  and  even  his  own  audience  while  he  is performing. So brace yourself for mock questions and non-offensive remarks at any instant during the show. Some of the people who have fallen prey to Dave’s razor-sharp wit are Steve Jobs (late), Prince Williams and surprisingly, his own father. Long story short, he is relentless and unstoppable when it comes to making people laugh. Traces of black and blue comedy are also evident in Dave’s acts.

Dave often mocks himself for his flaws and incomplete goals in life. He practices the art of self-depreciation with immense  skill,  leaving  the  audience  gasping  for  air  in  between  roars  of  laughter.  Dave  treats  his  audience  in  a relaxed  and  interactive manner.  His  friendly attitude  has  enabled  him  to  gather  an  army  of fans  throughout  the world.


In 2005, Dave bagged the honorable ‘Angling for a Laugh’ and ‘Search for Funny Bone’ awards. The year 2006 saw him winning ‘Campus Comedian of the Year’ at TREV Awards. Dave was nominated for the ‘Best Newcomer’ award at the 2007 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Since 2007, Dave consistently performed at the MICF each year and debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2009.

He  has  also  executed  comedy  on  television  shows  like  ‘Standup  Australia’,  ‘Rove’  and  ‘Good  Morning  Australia’. Some of his prominent comedy shows are ‘Eurasian’, ‘Never Sweat’, and ‘Allow Me to Introduce Myself’.  In 2013, Dave received the admirable GQ ‘Comedian of the Year Award’. Some of his corporate clients including Mazda, Jet star,  and  Australia  Post  highly  recommend  Dave  and speak  very  fondly  of  him.  Rove  Daily  states  that  “Dave Thornton is one of Australia’s most exciting young stand-up comics”.