Beat The Workplace Festive Frenzy

September 19, 2016 Uncategorized

How do you know it’s almost Christmas? Well, the shops are full of Easter eggs! OK, not quite, but the seasons do seem to rush in on us these days. If you are responsible for an in-house Christmas event, which is a posh way of uttering the dread words ‘The Company Christmas Party’, you may well already have secured the venue and began to make your plans. It’s also possible that you are tasked with some kind of event involving key customers as a ‘thank you’ for their business.

Planning a Party?

Whichever of these is in your remit – and if you have truly sinned this year, it may be both – you’ll probably already know it’s not simply a case of throwing everybody into a room, organising food and drink, booking a band or disco, and you’re good to go. There’s an assumption that everyone will instantly be at their jolliest, ever ready to enter into the seasonal joyfulness with unbridled enthusiasm. It’s not always true though, is it? Staff events, for example, often throw together folk who rarely meet, and may even occasionally argue when they do! The start can be awkward – it can take time to set the mood and liven up the group.

Hire a Comedian!

One way to give yourself the best chance to have a rumbustiously happy event is to quickly book the services of one of our many super stand-up comedians. Quickly is a key word, as their services are much in demand at this time of year. An experienced stand-up will take the time to find out about your gathering and consider how to pitch their performance to reach the temperature where the rest of the night is a happy haze of glad tidings!

You can browse our gaggle of talented stand-up comics here. With more than 200 to choose from, you’ll surely find the one who can set the evening off in just the way you’d want. If you would like to discuss your event before making a choice, simply give us a call on (02) 9130 5150. We know that there are many interesting reasons company festive parties can be memorable; our comedians are available to help with the right ones! Now are you looking forward to the company Christmas party?