Breaking The Ice At Office Parties

October 24, 2016 Uncategorized

There isn’t an old saying covering this, so we’ve just made one up: ‘You can always take people out of the office, but you often can’t take the office out of the people’. Many of our superb stand-up comedians have been hired to bring fun and life to office parties; and they have discovered the above statement can quickly turn out to be true.

Break the Ice

People who may work in the same building, or for the same company, often don’t know each other well – or at all – or perhaps there is a bit of ‘us’ and ‘them’ in the early air. ‘See Accounts sitting together as usual’ or ‘The noise will be coming from the sales team – as always’. Even if there is no such ‘atmosphere’, people can still tend to remain in their own teams or departments – even after those office walls or partitions have been removed!So, how best to bring people together and start to build an inclusive atmosphere? Well, obviously, we’re going to say that one great idea is to hire one of our superb raft of experienced and hugely talented Stand Up Comedians and you’ll find them all here. Here’s why…

Personalised Content

Our comedians know that it’s important to find out about the event, and the people attending – to understand the company ethos and its marketplace (and perhaps know of a few key competitors). Using this information, each performer can then know how best to pitch their jokes and place their humour. So, without being seen to pick on a single person (well, maybe an amenable boss or two), they can craft their material in a way that allows all different parts of a company or organisation to be drawn together by shared laughter.

If you have hired one of our comedians, it’s good to stand back and watch them at work. As the laughter grows, you can see people relaxing, being drawn closer to each other, becoming a single, happy, partying entity. That cracking, creaking, crashing sound you hear is the ice being firmly broken!

If you’d like to discuss the comedic possibilities for your office party, give us a call on (02) 9130 5150. Incidentally, if you are still looking to book for your festive season event, there is just enough time. Here’s a recent blog post worth reading.