EOFY: How To Spice Up Your Work Party

May 18, 2016 Uncategorized

The end of the financial year is approaching, and now is the time when companies of all sizes organise parties for their employees. These events are great opportunities for staff to blow off steam and have some fun. However, for the organiser, planning an EOFY party can be daunting. To help, here are some tips for creating a memorable gathering for your colleagues.

EOFY Venue

Keep the weather and venue in mind
Its winter time and this is an important consideration when planning a party. Whatever venue you pick, make sure the guests will be comfortable. There is that ruins the party mood more than being cold and rained on! Space heaters are a great idea for a venue that doesn’t already have heating installed. Also, your venue should be easy to locate and within walking distance of the closest public transport. You could also offer a shuttle if your chosen event space is far from transport options. Since there are similar events going on all over the country at this time, it would be wise to book in advance.

EOFY Theme

Include a theme
Planning a party based on a theme not only makes the process of planning easier, but also creates camaraderie within your team. Themes present an opportunity to be creative and play dress up, offering something different from everyday office attire.

EOFY Comedy

Budget for entertainment
The end of financial year party is a much anticipated event, and should be lively and enjoyable. When budgeting for your party, remember to plan a fun activity for all attendees. A popular choice is to hire a comedian or comedy act to create a positive atmosphere. There is nothing like laughter to help everyone relax and boost a sense of company morale! There are many different options available when hiring an entertainer. We have over 200 comedians to browse from and we know how to match each one to each particular event, so if you are looking for a comedian for your EOFY event, get in touch with us here.

EOFY Party

Organise an interactive activity
Engaging your guests in an interactive activity is a great way to strengthen bonds. It also helps break the ice between newer and older employees. There are many ideas to choose from, like question based games or team working exercises. Examples that can help you plan for this segment of the party are available online.

Remember that if you mange to nail the EOFY party, you will be giving your colleagues something to remember for years to come!