Understanding Larry David

In life, there are some things that you just don’t say, and some things that you just go along with. Then there are the comedians who take these moments, and orchestrate them with aplomb. Larry David is such a man. He’s a household name, famous for creating some of the most successful television sitcoms ever. By writing and starring in two classic comedies – Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm – Larry David is a man who has come to embody cynicism.

Confronting the bleakness in the room

The cornerstone of Larry David’s comedic genius is that he doesn’t let anything slide. If there is any little detail that he can hone in on, he will question and cajole until the situation seems both ludicrous and hilarious – especially if something is mundane. It seems, the more humdrum the topic, the more steadfast he becomes in his opinions – social etiquette be damned.

Larry is well known for episodes of prolonged rage that are quick to ignite. Nothing is off-limits, and anything can set him off. Religion, race, sex, politics, and even children can be caught in his comedy crosshairs. Indeed, he recently spoofed Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live, in a parody titled Bern Your Enthusiasm:

Such is his pulling power, mere months later Larry was joined by Bernie on SNL. In their skit together, Larry questions the logic of saving women and children before men, in true Larry David style.

Where the joke ends and the man begins

One of the enigmatic things about Larry is that he doesn’t separate his comedic character from his own life experiences. In Curb Your Enthusiasm, he plays the lead, Larry David. He insists that this portrayal is true to life. But there is a wit and talent to spinning a series of insignificant events into laugh-out-loud scenarios. Not content with regaling his audience with a retelling, punctuated with acerbic barbs, Larry winds you around his finger as he incites your inner-outrage, all while tickling your funny bone.

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