The Perks Of Going To A Comedy Show Alone

June 30, 2016 Uncategorized

Would you be brave enough to go a comedy show on your own? Before you dismiss it as being too frightening, consider that it can actually be an awesome night out. How is that possible, you may wonder, as we all know comedians have a reputation for singling out people in the audience to make fun of. But trust us, you can have a good time going to a comedy club solo. Comedy

See what you really want to see

One of the best parts about going to a stand up night on your own is that you have the choice to see whatever show you want to see. You can choose the show that suits you and the one you think will make you laugh the hardest. Whether deadpan comedy or something else, you’re in control.

Choose where you want to sit

When you book the ticket, try and get a seat in the middle or up the back of the comedy club – this will avoid you being picked on throughout the performance. Normally if the host sees you’re a party of one, they won’t put you up the front anyway. But just in case, arrive early to make sure you get the seat you want.

The chance to meet new people

Hopefully you’ll be seated near a good bunch of people, and if this is the case you might even ask if they mind you joining their table. Throughout breaks in the performance, such as intermission, take the opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone sitting close by. Ask them if they’re enjoying the show and take it from there. You never know who you’ll meet at a comedy show and you could make a new friend!

People laughing

An opportunity to enjoy the show more

If you attend a comedy show on your own, you’re in charge of your night. You won’t have to worry about leaving early or later than you want to – you can leave whenever you please – and this often allows you to have a great night. You don’t have to worry about whether your friends are enjoying the show as much as you are either – you just have to concern yourself as to whether you’re having fun listening to those punchy one liners.

Stand up comedy


So, before you dismiss attending a comedy show on your own, think again. It can actually be a lot more fun than you expect. Have you ever attended a stand-up show on your own? What did you think?