Why Comedy Makes For Perfect Corporate Entertainment

February 25, 2015 News, Uncategorized

So you’ve been put in charge of entertainment for your company’s next corporate event and the success of your reputation around the water coolers of your office block depends on it being a huge hit. Where to start? Corporate entertainment doesn’t have to be boring and booking a comedian for your next corporate event is definitely not boring. We’re not bias we just know the facts about why corporate comedy is so great, so we’ve listed them below:



Australia’s comedy scene is on the up-and-up. Comedic events are being featured every night of the week in Australia’s major cities and for good reason. The calibre and quality of the comedians coming out of Australia has been rapidly improving over the years. We know because we’ve been in it for over 15 years and we’ve seen the meteoric rises of Australian comedians in both the domestic and international markets.Your co-workers and colleagues will be impressed by your innovative and creative suggestion for this years comedy entertainment. At the very least they’ll thank you for not booking that creepy magician for the fourth year in a row.



Corporate life can be stressful, we understand that. Perhaps this is the fourth corporate event you’ve been to this week and you’re no doubt becoming tirelessly used to the same format being recycled over and over again. Comedians break the ice, let the crowd settle in and become a huge talking point at any corporate event. Loosen those neck ties and put a little laugh back into your day. At least you wont have to worry about becoming hypnotised and dancing Brittany Spears in front of your CEO. Your colleagues will appreciate a hearty, witty laugh to break up the tensions of a stressful work day without having to embarrass themselves at the open bar.



Laughing is good for you. As much as you love the lunch-time yoga on level 163 of your building, the mere anticipation of laughter is powerful enough to provide some health benefits. A psychological study said so. Laughter strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and anxiety as well as high blood pressure; it can help combat depression too. Let the laughs heal the audience and feel good knowing that your colleagues might even show up to work the next day with greater job satisfaction, higher productivity rates and maybe, just maybe they’ll think twice before taking that sick day they’d planned for next Friday. The return on your investment is just never-ending.

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This is Tom…He booked a comedian for last night’s corporate event. Well done Tom. 



Bond with your colleagues over the comedians whipping routing. Comedy companies work closely with you to establish exactly what it is you’re looking for on the night. It could be a roasting, it can include some office-wide personal jokes, it can comment on the general industry you’re working in and you can rest assured, it will always be within reason and tasteful if necessary. You and your colleagues can laugh and reminisce for a long time after over a comedians power-punch lines and zappy zingers.



You can be as hands-on or hands-off as your time allows. Many comedy companies will be well equipped to completely handle the complex process of finding the right comedian, providing neccessary technical equipment and working out key logistics.  When you book with a comedy providor that has experience and insight into the industry, you can be rest assured that we understand. We understand that you’re busy doing your job so you’re welcome to sit back and let us do ours. Plus, you’ll still get to take the credit for it at the end!



No budget is too small. With a wide variety of comedians on offer, we have the ability to tailor any package for your function. Worried that a smaller budget will leave you with a lousy comedian? Think again, and comedy companies reputation is going to depend on your satisfaction. Finding you the right comedian and providing you with the most comprehensive package for your needs is the priority of any comedian booking service and that means always sticking to a budget.


Stand Up Comedians are one of the few agencies that specialise in successfully creating memorable events. Whether you’re a first-time corporate event planner or a seasoned professional, you can find the right degree of service at a price that’s right for your budget.

Let us make you the talk of the town and the star your office-place watering hole by providing a highly sophisticated and hilariously funny comedy routing at your next corporate function.