5 Australian Comedians to Look Out For in 2015

Stand Up Comedians work with such prolific comedians as Kitty Flanagan, Wil Anderson, Akmal Saleh and Dave O’Neil day in day out, but how do you find out who’s who before they become one of the big names we talk about every day?

Today we’re talking about the household names of the future (eerie right?) these comics are the ones to watch out for, keep an eye on and the ones you should go see before they become huge in sold-out audiences around the country and overseas. If being on the forefront of a new era of comedy isn’t exciting enough then do it for no other reason than to say ‘oh yeah, no I saw them before they were huge, before they were even mainstream’. Because secretly, even though we hate him, we all want to be THAT guy.

We’ve seen these guys perform since the early days and they’ve got some big things happening in 2015 that you need to be a part of. So without further ado:


We’ve seen these guys perform since the early days and they’ve got some big things happening in 2015 for you to sit down and take note of. So without further ado:

CAM KNIGHT is the up and becoming darling of stand-up comedy. With a strong background in acting, his performances will take you on a journey of belly-aching laughter. A master story teller, Cam is a natural born comedian who’s performances are seamless and a tribute to the art of comedy. Cam’s show ‘10cam-knight0 Percenter, Things to do before you die? Everything.’  was received with an abundance of accolades at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2014. His new production, ‘Almost Bulletproof” promises to keep the entertainment and laughter flowing through May of 2015. His insights and witty commentary on the current states of things can make you cry, in the good way, and his ability to flex and really engage the audience are refreshing, all class and pure funny gold.

Upcoming performance dates:
Cam will be performing his show “You’re Not Special” at the events listed below,

  • Adelaide Fringe Festival: March 3-15
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival: March 26 – April 5
  • Sydney Comedy Festival: May 7 – May 9

LUKE HEGGIE is a Brisbane-born Aussie labourer who started his comedian career off the back of a new years resolution to try stand-up. A natural comedian, Luke blew away the competition during his first-ever

performances, leading him to win the National RAW Comedy Competition.luke-heggie

Heggie’s style is Aussie, dead-pan, insightful and blisteringly funny with his endless stream of knock-out one-liners and power punchlines.

He unrelentingly delivers quick fire one-liners, using clever wordplay to highlight small absurdities and challenging ingrained norms that we tend to overlook and ignore.

He has a stripped back, minimalist style that cuts right through and will keep you laughing relentlessly. We hope to be seeing much more of Luke Heggie in 2015 and so should you.

Upcoming performance dates:
Luke will be performing his show “You’re Not Special” at the events listed below,

  • Canberra Comedy Festival: March 20-21
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival: March 26 – April 19

Katie Burch
KATIE BURCH made the finals and was announced runner-up of the Triple J RAW Comedy National Grand Final in 2014. Her quirky, deadpan performance style is just the right amount of cheeky and outrageous, leaving you hanging on for the next punch line at every turn. Pausing in all the right moments, Katie can take you through a story of well performed segways, precision and with the perfect amount of pause to keep you hanging on at all the right moments. Katie Burch promises is the one to look out for, her stars are aligning and her career is on the up and up. Catch the blossoming Katie in 2015 for more laughs and cutting, uncompromisng humour.

Suns of Fred

SUNS OF FRED are the singing, comedy trio from Perth, Western Australia and their eclectic mash up of, song, humour and dance moves are ‘can’t help yourself’ hilarious. Their well-rehearsed routines, uniform outfits and high energy performences make this trio a unique comedic offering and we’re sure you’ll love their quips and clever wordplay. Keep your eyes and ears open for the musical interludes of the Suns of Fred crew who without doubt will be singing, dancing and making you laugh all the way to the very top, this 2015.

STEEN RASKOPOULOS is a master of improvisation which makes his brand of comedy particularly exciting. He wittily and hilariously picks up any thread and weaves a fantastically funny storytelling adventure for his audiences. Hsteenraske has skills as an actor and this really translates in his improvisation performances where the jokes are fired off at a rapid pace.

Steen’s brother Jordan has also had success as lead singer / comedian in the group Axis of Awesome. Steen’s style however carves out it’s own niche as an audience pleasing, high-energy performance that exercises refreshingly creative and witty content.

Coming to the comedy scene during university, Steen made a name for himself with his solo show the ‘Bruce SpringSTEEN in Concert’ and backed it up with his sell-out performances in the show ‘I’m Wearing Two Suits Because I Mean Business’. A fundamental element to all his are his emphasis on audience participation, especially in his latest show, described by comedy critic Brian Logan as “an impressive set, combining acting flair, an eye for vivid character, and audience-handling deftness into one enjoyable – if occasionally nerve-jangling – package.”

Do you know any up and coming comedians to look out for in 2015? Let us know who you’ve loved seeing in the comments section below.