What is Deadpan Comedy?

April 20, 2016 0 Comments

Think back to your school days. The students considered funniest, the “class clowns”, tended to be loud-mouths, right? Chances are your schoolmates thought the confident,.

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Understanding Larry David

April 14, 2016 0 Comments

In life, there are some things that you just don’t say, and some things that you just go along with. Then there are the comedians.

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A History of Australian Comedy: Two Enduring Personas

March 29, 2016 0 Comments

When the first larrikin stepped off the first fleet, a particular brand of Australian comedy was born.  Embracing the idea of ‘fish out of water’.

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Why a Comedy Show is a Good Option for a Date

March 18, 2016 0 Comments

All kinds of couples can have a solid date at a comedy show. Let’s be real, the whole dinner and a movie thing has been.

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The 33 punchiest one liners of all time

May 19, 2015 0 Comments

Some comedians specialise in one liners and others skillfully insert them at the right moment to keep the flow of a routine moving. Whichever it.

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The Ultimate Corporate Event Planning Checklist

May 8, 2015 0 Comments

You’ve been tasked to organise your company’s next corporate event and whether or not you’re a complete newbie or an absolute pro, there’s a checklist.

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Guide to: Sydney Comedy Festival 2015

April 16, 2015 0 Comments

This coming monday, the 11th annual Sydney Comedy Festival kicks off at venues accross the city of Sydney. If you love abdominal workouts, having small laughter.

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The very best stand-up from the very-best comedians of all time. Stop everything you’re doing and get ready to laugh!

March 30, 2015 0 Comments

We’ve trawled the greatest clips of YouTube to find you the best clips of the best comedians of all time (yes, we do love our.

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Why Comedy Makes For Perfect Corporate Entertainment

February 25, 2015 0 Comments

So you’ve been put in charge of entertainment for your company’s next corporate event and the success of your reputation around the water coolers of.

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5 Australian Comedians to Look Out For in 2015

February 18, 2015 0 Comments

Stand Up Comedians work with such prolific comedians as Kitty Flanagan, Wil Anderson, Akmal Saleh and Dave O’Neil day in day out, but how do.

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